IBSP LLC is proud to offer the most comprehensive and proprietary business consulting services in the industry.


Our mission is to provide the markets we serve with the most advanced and sophisticated cost mitigation,
recovery, consulting, lending and management platforms available today.


IBSP LLC is proud to offer the most comprehensive and proprietary business consulting services in the industry. Through our combined services and platforms, we have saved the business owners we serve, hundreds of millions of dollars and have done so at no risk to them. Our industry leading growth and success is the result of the superiority of our approach with prospective clients, wherein we put the needs/interests of those clients ahead of any interests of our own. By expanding our time and energy to demonstrate our capacities through comprehensive studies and proposals (and associated guarantees) prior to there being any cost or obligation on the part of the client, we are expressing the confidence we have in ourselves by putting our money where our mouth is.


Our mission is to provide the markets we serve with the most advanced and sophisticated cost mitigation, recovery, consulting, lending, and management platforms available today. Through our continued innovation, we consistently refine our programs and services as well as continuing to expand on our offerings so as to continue to be at the forefront of our respective industries. And above all, create and manage a company that contributes to the economic health and success of its clients.


Many business service industries across the country are experiencing a degree of commoditization. What is meant by this is that there is less "brand loyalty" than ever before. With the explosion of sophisticated services offered online and/or through chain firms, providers in industries such as tax, law and insurance have found themselves struggling in the areas of client retention and acquisition. All are working harder than ever before to simply maintain status quo. Through our platforms and approaches, professionals in these and other industries are able to immediately differentiate themselves from all of the competition in their local geography, thereby eliminating client retention issues and drastically increasing client acquisition numbers, all while spending less energy and money to do so.



Integrity Programs

Integrity Retirement Program

Here at IBSP LLC, we work with many businesses to facilitate individualized, personalized and proprietary retirement programs.

Cost Remediation

IBSP LLC provides innovative solutions for companies to maintain their competitive edge by reducing operational cost and corporate risk to improve profit and performance.

Owner Finance Solutions

IBSP offers business owners the opportunity to drastically increase their gross profits by virtue of allowing their customers to finance purchases without credit based restrictions.

Corporate Loans

For those that are looking for real estate or business purpose financing, we have a consortium of select companies and individuals with expertise in a variety of funding environments.

Business Brokerage

Our Business Brokerage offering is the oldest and among the most recognizable names in the industry.

Integrity Rx Division

IBSP offers the most comprehensive and proprietary portfolio of services in the drug, discount medicine, TPA and PBM industries. Our platforms are industry leading in every regard and provide unparalleled services and results for both our clients and our agents.

Access Discount Healthcare

Access is the premier discount medical services and telemedicine platform in the nation period. Our structure will reduce medical costs for plan sponsors and employees/consumers alike in a very substantial way. We have the highest client satisfaction and utilization in the industry..

Additional Services

Remanufactured Annuities

The purest definition is that the buyer of a secondary market annuity is purchasing the right to receive the contractual guarantees (typically in payment form) from the original annuity policy.

Life Settlements

A Life Settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a third party for more than its cash surrender value but less than its net death benefit.

Venture Capital

IBSP LLC is engaged in all relevant activities at all levels of business. As such, it only makes sense that we be in a position to assist those businesses in need of start-up or expansion capital

Specialty Services

With the expansive staff and professionals at and associated with IBSP LLC, we have the ability to meet any and all forms of professional planning and guidance for business professionals.


Business Consulting

IBSP LLC Business Consulting helps manufacturing and technology companies succeed.

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Business Exit Planning

"You Must Know Your Destination Port If You Wish to Catch A Favorable Wind"

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Strategic Tax Mitigation

It is extremely important that we note that we are not a tax planning practice and that we do not give tax advice.

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Business Acquisition

While private equity plays a critical role in the global M and A marketplace,

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Strategic Alliances

IBSP LLC works with professional practices across the country in many fields,

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Synergistic Development and Deployment

we are in the unique position of being regularly exposed to all types of enterprise,

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