IBSP LLC is proud to offer the most comprehensive and proprietary business consulting services in the industry.

Through our combined services and platforms, we have saved the business owners we serve, hundreds of millions of dollars and have done so at no risk to them. Our industry leading growth and success is the result of the superiority of our approach with prospective clients, wherein we put the needs/interests of those clients ahead of any interests of our own. By expanding our time and energy to demonstrate our capacities through comprehensive studies and proposals (and associated guarantees) prior to there being any cost or obligation on the part of the client, we are expressing the confidence we have in ourselves by putting our money where our mouth is.

Many business service industries across the country are experiencing a degree of commoditization. What is meant by this is that there is less “brand loyalty” than ever before. With the explosion of sophisticated services offered online and or through chain firms, providers in industries such as tax, law and insurance have found themselves struggling in the areas client retention and acquisition. All are working harder than ever before to simply maintain status quo. Through our platforms and approaches, professionals in these and other industries are able to immediately differentiate themselves from all of the competition in their local geography thereby eliminating client retention issues and drastically increasing client acquisition numbers, all while spending less energy and money to do so.

Through our platform, participating advisors, firms and practices are able to catapult themselves past all competitors in their respective fields through the differentiation and service superiority that they realize by virtue of their work with our firm. Our job is to make you the preeminent practice in your respective field – our success proves that we are very good at our job.