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IBSP LLC is engaged in all relevant activities at all levels of business. As such, it only makes sense that we be in a position to assist those businesses in need of start-up or expansion capital with the necessary outlets to facilitate those needs. These opportunities come to us from agent efforts in all fields of our expansive service offering, though many times they are initiated with requests for corporate loans. The two efforts are unique and distinct from one another. With corporate loans, we are working to provide financing for going concerns (operational businesses) who are currently in operation, have a track record of performance, and have some form of collateral. With the Venture Capital Program, the entity (person or business) generally has not achieved the same level of operational success and is at a much earlier stage in the development and/or growth of an idea or business. These types of businesses or business opportunities are where we focus our Venture Capital efforts. We are able to review and work on opportunities in virtually every industry and anticipate greater success than most by virtue of our unique relationships and access to funding.